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Harmonic eliminator
Harmonic eliminator
Microcomputer harmonic elimination device
Overvoltage protector
TBP overvoltage protector
CT secondary overvoltage protector
Intelligent control device of switch cabinet
Multi function power meter
Discharge counter - On line monitor
Intelligent dehumidifier
SENECA Transducers
Arrester series
Fuse Series
Electrical components
Zinc oxide arrester
High voltage fuse
Insulating sheath
High voltage insulator
High voltage disconnector
Wall bushing

Products List

HY5WS-17/50, HY5WS-12.7/50 distribution type surge arresters - DR-BLQ-001 | HY5WZ-17/45 station type arresters - DR-BLQ-002 | HY5WZ-51/134, HY5WZ-52.7/134 station-type arrester - DR-BLQ-003 | LXQ-10, LXQ-6 a resonance eliminator - DR-XXQ-001 | LXQ-35, LXQ-20 a resonance eliminator - DR-XXQ-002 | XRNP1-10/0.5A, XRNP1-6/0.5A high voltage fuse - DR-RDQ-001 | XRNT1-10/40A, XRNT1-10/80A high voltage fuse - DR-RDQ-002 | LXQ3 voltage transformer neutral point with resonance eliminator - DR-XXQ-003 | LXQ-6, LXQ-10 universal resonance eliminator - DR-XXQ-004 | LXQ-6D, LXQ-10D weak insulating-type resonance eliminator - DR-XXQ-005 | JS-8, JSY-10 discharge counter - DR-JSQ-001 | JCQ-C arrester line monitor - DR-JCQ-001 | RN1-10/50A, RN1-10/75A high voltage fuse - DR-RDQ-003 | RN2-10/0.5, RN2-6/0.5 high voltage fuse - DR-RDQ-004 | RN3-10/150A, RN3-200A indoor high-voltage fuse - DR-RDQ-005 | RW9-35 RW10-35 RXWO-35 outdoor high-voltage current-limiting fuses - DR-RDQ-006 | LXQ3-6, LXQ3-10 round a resonance eliminator - DR-XXQ-006 | LXQ3-6D, LXQ3-10D weak insulating-type resonance eliminator - DR-XXQ-007 | LXQ-35, LXQ-20 universal resonance eliminator - DR-XXQ-008 | LXQ-35D, LXQ-20D weak insulating-type resonance eliminator - DR-XXQ-009 | HY5WS-17/50TLB zinc oxide arrester with disconnector - DR-BLQ-004 | HY1.5W-0.28/1.3, HY1.5W-0.5/2.6 low voltage arrester - DR-BLQ-005 | HY5WS-10/30, HY5WS-7.6/30 distribution type arrester - DR-BLQ-006 | HY5WZ-10/27 station-type arrester - DR-BLQ-007 | HY5WX-51/134, HY5WX-54/134 line surge arrester - DR-BLQ-008 | TBP-A (B, C) -12.7F/85 indoor overvoltage protection - DR-GDY-001 | TBP-A (B, C) -12.7F/131 indoor-type over-voltage protection - DR-GDY-002 | Arrester mounting bracket, insulated bracket, bracket DRB1 - DR-AZZJ-001 | Arrester mounting bracket, insulated bracket, bracket DRB2 - DR-AZZJ-002 | TLB thermal explosion type disconnector, new disconnector - DR-TLQ-001 | RW4-10/100A, RW4-10/200A drop-out fuse - DR-RDQ-007 | RW10-10/100A, RW10-10/200A outdoor high drop-out fuse - DR-RDQ-008 | RW11-10/100A, RW11-10/200A outdoor high drop-out fuse - DR-RDQ-009 | HRW3-10/100A, HRW3-10/200A outdoor drop-out fuse - DR-RDQ-010 | RW3-10/100A, RW3-10/200A outdoor drop-out fuse - DR-RDQ-011 | HRW11-10/100A, HRW11-10/200A - DR-RDQ-012 | HRW10-10F/100A, HRW10F-10/200A drop-out fuse - DR-RDQ-013 | TBP-A (B, C) -12.7/131-J over-voltage protection device with a counter - DR-GDY-003 | TBP-B (C) -42F/310 indoor-type over-voltage protection - DR-GDY-004 | TBP-B (C) -42F/200 indoor-type over-voltage protection - DR-GDY-005 | FXBW6-10/70, FXBW4-10/100 composite suspension insulator - DR-JYZ-001 | FXBW-35/100, FXBW-35/70 composite suspension insulator - DR-JYZ-002 | FXBW-110/100, FXBW-110/70 composite suspension insulator - DR-JYZ-003 | FPQ1-10/4T20 composite pin insulator - DR-JYZ-004 | FPQ2-10/3T20 composite pin insulator - DR-JYZ-005 | FZS-12/5 Composite Insulator - DR-JYZ-006 | FZSW-24/5 Composite Insulator - DR-JYZ-007 | FZSW-40.5/6, FZSW-35/6 Composite Insulator - DR-JYZ-008 | GW9-10/630A, GW9-10/400A, GW9-10/200A outdoor high voltage disconnect switch - DR-GLKG-001 | HGW9-10/630A, HGW9-10/400A, HGW9-10/200A high isolation switch - DR-GLKG-002 | BRN, BRW, BR1, BR2 power capacitors dedicated fuse - DR-RDQ-014 | HY1.5W-30/80 transformer neutral point surge arrester - DR-BLQ-009 | HY5CS-17/42, HY5CS-12.7/42 zinc oxide surge arresters with series gaps - DR-BLQ-010 | HY5WZ-34/85, HY5WZ-34/90 station-type arrester 24KV - DR-BLQ-011 | HY5WZ-51/134GY plateau type arrester - DR-BLQ-012 | RW9-35 RW10-35 RXWO-35 Outdoor high-voltage current-limiting fuses and pollution prevention - DR-RDQ-015 | HRW10-35, HRXWO-35 outdoor high-voltage current-limiting fuses (composite jacket, and pollution prevention) - DR-RDQ-016 | RW7-10/100A, RW7-10/200A drop-out fuse - DR-RDQ-017 | HRW7-10/100A, HRW7-10/200A outdoor high drop-out fuse - DR-RDQ-018 | RW5-35/100A, RW5-35/200A outdoor drop-out fuse - DR-RDQ-019 | PRWG2-35/100A, PRWG2-35/200A outdoor high drop-out fuse - DR-RDQ-020 | HPRWG2-35/100A, HPRWG2-35/200A outdoor high drop-out fuse - DR-RDQ-021 | FCGW, FCBW composite dry wall bushing 10KV - DR-CQTG-001 | FCGW, FCBW composite dry wall bushing 35KV - DR-CQTG-002 | Transformer jacket, drop switch, drop-arrester insulation jacket - DR-JYHT-001 | FNB4-10/70-UD Composite Tension Insulator - DR-JYZ-009 | FPQW-35/5T20 composite pin insulator - DR-JYZ-010 | FS-10/5 composite crossarm insulators - DR-JYZ-011 | FS-35/5 composite crossarm insulators - DR-JYZ-012 | FSW-110/10 composite crossarm insulators - DR-JYZ-013 | JS-III Used movement counter over-voltage protection - DR-JSQ-002 | LXQ3-10A, RXQ-10 round a resonance eliminator - DR-XXQ-010 | LXQ3-35A, RXQ-35 round a resonance eliminator - DR-XXQ-011 | LXQ3D-10A, RXQ-10D closed transformer with a resonance eliminator - DR-XXQ-012 | LXQ5-6, 10 ultra-small a resonance eliminator - DR-XXQ-013 | RN1, RN2, RN3-35/0.5A indoor high-voltage current-limiting fuses - DR-RDQ-022 | XRNP1-35/0.5A, XRNP1-40.5/0.5A high voltage fuse - DR-RDQ-023 | XRNT1-24, XRNT1-35 high-voltage fuse - DR-RDQ-024 | XRNT1, SDLAJ, SFLAJ, SKLAJ series of high-voltage fuse - DR-RDQ-025 | Drop-arrester insulated jacket, insulated jacket removable surge arresters - DR-JYHT-002 | High and low voltage transformer insulation jacket inlet and outlet - DR-JYHT-003 | Drop switch, drop-out fuse insulating sheath - DR-JYHT-004 | Arrester insulation jacket - DR-JYHT-005 | RW12 drop fuse insulated jacket, RW12 insulation sheath drop switch - DR-JYHT-006 | HY5WS-34/85, HY5WS-34/90 24KV distribution type arrester - DR-BLQ-013 | HY5WS-17/50DL-TB drop-arrester - DR-BLQ-014 | TBP-O-7.6 motor neutral voltage protection device used - DR-GDY-006 | CTB-4 secondary overvoltage protector - DR-GDY-007 | The CTB-6 current transformer secondary overvoltage protection - DR-GDY-008 | CTB-3 secondary overvoltage protection - DR-GDY-009 | HY5WR-10/27 capacitance-type arrester - DR-BLQ-015 | HY5WR-17/45 capacitance-type arrester - DR-BLQ-016 | HY5WT-42/120 electrified railway type arrester - DR-BLQ-017 | HY5W-12 export-oriented arrester - DR-BLQ-018 | JS-8, JSY-8 discharge counter - DR-JSQ-003 | CTB-9 secondary overvoltage protection - DR-GDY-010 | CTB-12 secondary overvoltage protection - DR-GDY-011 | JLC-6S secondary overvoltage protection - DR-GDY-012 | JLC-9S secondary overvoltage protection - DR-GDY-013 | RXQ-10,RXQ-6 harmonic - DR-XXQ-014 | RXQ-35,RXQ-20 elimination device - DR-XXQ-015 | HY5WZ-26/66 MOA - DR-BLQ-019 | JS-8S double pointer discharge counter - DR-JSQ-004 | RW12-10/100A, RW12-10/200A drop-out fuse - DR-RDQ-026 | RXQ-35D,RXQ-20D Harmonic elimination - DR-XXQ-016 | HY5WS-17/50Q fully insulated type zinc oxide surge arresters - DR-BLQ-020 | HY5WZ-17/45Q fully insulated type zinc oxide surge arresters - DR-BLQ-021 | HY5WZ-51/134Q fully insulated type zinc oxide surge arresters - DR-BLQ-022 | RXQ3-10D, RXQ3-6D round aluminum foot to install a harmonic elimination - DR-XXQ-017 | Drop-out fuse insulated jacket RW10, RW10 drop switch insulated jacket - DR-JYHT-007 | Drop-out fuse insulated jacket RW11, RW11 drop switch insulated jacket - DR-JYHT-008 | GW9 jacket, GW9 disconnectors jacket, GW9 disconnectors insulated jacket, GW9 isolation switch guard - DR-JYHT-009 | RW10-10F with arc shield drop type fuse - DR-JYHT-010 | ZW32 vacuum switch cover (without isolation) - DR-JYHT-011 | ZW32 vacuum circuit breaker (with shield isolation) - DR-JYHT-012 | The ordinary belt buckle type high voltage fuse _ drop fuse - DR-GYRS-001 | ABB type high voltage fuse_drop fuse - DR-GYRS-002 | DRJCQ arrester online monitor - DR-JCQ-002 | Drjsq arrester discharge counter - DR-JSQ-005 | Insulating sheath of jumper clamp - DR-JYHT-013 | DRXX-II microcomputer harmonic elimination device - DR-XXQ-018 | LXQ-6,LXQ Ⅲ - 10 primary harmonic eliminator(all copper) - DR-XXQ-019 | Three phase harmonic multi rate multi function meter - DR-DLYB-001 | Multi function network power meter - DR-DLYB-002 | Three phase multi function power meter - DR-DLYB-003 | Digital display intelligent ammeter liquid crystal intelligent voltmeter - DR-DLYB-004 | Single phase AC digital ammeter - DR-DLYB-005 | Three phase AC digital ammeter - DR-DLYB-006 | Single phase digital voltmeter - DR-DLYB-007 | Digital three phase voltmeter - DR-DLYB-008 | Switch state indicator - DR-ZNCK-001 | Intelligent control device of indicator light - DR-ZNCK-002 | Digital intelligent control device - DR-ZNCK-003 | LCD intelligent control device - DR-ZNCK-004 | Intelligent control device with temperature measurement - DR-ZNCK-005 | Single phase current transmitter voltage transmitter - DR-BSQ-001 | Three phase current transmitter voltage transmitter - DR-BSQ-002 | Power factor transmitter - DR-BSQ-003 | Three phase active power and reactive power transmitter - DR-BSQ-004 | Intelligent dehumidifier with plastic shell - DR-ZNCS-001 | Sheet metal intelligent dehumidifier - DR-ZNCS-002 | Aluminum alloy electric power intelligent dehumidifier - DR-ZNCS-003 | Stainless steel intelligent dehumidifier - DR-ZNCS-004 | Wireless temperature measuring device - DR-CWZZ-001 |

Sample Category

DR-Sample Cover
DR-Company Profile
Arrester series
Harmonic elimination series
Over-voltage protector
Out of control - surge arrester mounting bracket
Discharge counter - on-line monitoring device
Insulator Series
Outdoor high-voltage current-limiting fuses
Drop-out Fuse Series
Indoor high-voltage fuse
Power Capacitor dedicated fuse
Isolation Switch Series
Wall bushing series
Silicone rubber insulated jacket
DR-sample back cover

Sample List

Sample Cover | Company Profile | DR-Products | DR-sample 1 (Introduction MOA) | DR-sample 2 (power surge arresters, surge arresters used Dimension A) | DR-3 samples (low-voltage - Distribution Type - Power surge arrester technology parameters) | DR-sample 4 (capacitor-type - type motor - electric railway surge arrester technology parameters) | DR-5 samples (transformer neutral point type - line surge arrester technology parameters) | DR-6 sample (used arrester Dimension B) | DR-7 sample (drop-arrester - arrester Products removable) | DR-sample 8 (export-oriented arrester product images, technical data) | DR-sample 9 (resonance eliminator pictures, technical parameters, matching table, model description) | Sample DR-10 (lightning over-voltage protection for more details) | DR-sample of 11 (TBP a typical three-phase overvoltage protection device data sheet) | DR-sample of 12 (over-voltage protection device commonly used overall and mounting dimensions) | DR-sample of 13 (out of control - surge arrester mounting bracket - wire) | Sample DR-14 (discharge counter - on-line monitoring devices) | DR-15 samples (composite suspension insulator - composite pin insulator) | DR-16 samples (composite pin insulator - Composite Insulator) | DR-17 samples (composite crossarm insulators - lightning Insulator - lightning examine the electrical grounding ring) | DR-18 samples (composite strain insulator) | DR-sample of 19 - other types of insulators | DR-sample 20-RW9-35, (H) RW10-35, (H) RXWO-35 outdoor high-voltage current-limiting fuses | DR-sample of 21 - drop-out fuse | DR-sample of 22 - drop-out fuse product images, technical data sheet | DR-sample of 23 - indoor high-voltage current-limiting fuses product images, technical data sheet | DR-sample of 24 - Special power capacitors fuse, fuse, high voltage fuse | DR-sample of 25 - high and low voltage disconnecting switch, knife fuse switch pictures, technical parameters | DR-sample 26-GN19, GW4, GW5 series of high-voltage isolation switch product images, technical parameters | DR-sample of 27 - Composite dry wall bushing, porcelain jacket indoor and outdoor wall bushing copper and aluminum rod row | DR-sample of 28 - silicone rubber insulated jacket | DR-sample back cover |

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Company news
Industry News
product News

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Arrester line monitor Products | Welcome to the Yueqing Dengrui Electric Co., Ltd. website! | The Yueqing Dengrui Electric Co., Ltd. Recruitment partners | Model matching table of the selection of the harmonic elimination, harmonic elimination | Zinc oxide arrester installation, the arrester works | JS-8, JSY-8 discharge counter structure and performance, technical standards, precautions | The role of the arrester line monitoring role arrester online monitor | The DR-JCQ-IM over-voltage monitor range, over-voltage monitor functions and features | Arrester line operation monitor overview of the use of the environment | JCQ-C1 arrester monitor product appearance features, the structural principle | The TLB hot blast from the arrester out of the purpose of the technical parameters, scope of application | Analysis of the reasons that affect the performance of pin insulator | Zinc oxide arrester protection performance analysis | The zinc oxide arrester protective effect of high voltage motors | The basic principles of zinc oxide surge arresters, zinc oxide lightning arrester type | JS type electromagnetic discharge counter works, run a check and action test | arrester discharge counter installation, conditions of use | Composite insulating the superior characteristics of zinc oxide arrester | Composite insulating the superior characteristics of zinc oxide surge arresters | 20KV cable-wide distribution network the need for the installation of arrester and the correct selection of zinc oxide arrester arresters | Neutral point by comparison of zinc oxide surge arresters and the gap discharge protection | Voltage harmonics on the zinc oxide arrester leakage current of the resistive component of impact | Zinc oxide arrester short circuit current test performance | The superiority of the series gap of zinc oxide arrester |

Supply Category

Zinc oxide arrester supply
Primary harmonic eliminator supply
High voltage fuse supply
Overvoltage protector supply
Discharge counter - online monitor supply
Multi function power meter supply
Supply of intelligent digital display electric mea
Switch cabinet intelligent control device supply
Supply of intelligent dehumidifier
Power transmitter supply

Supply List

Supply HY5WS2-17/50 zinc oxide arrester | Supply HY5WZ-17/45 zinc oxide arrester | Supply HY5WZ-51/134 zinc oxide arrester | 供应The supply LXQ-10 resonance eliminator | Supply LXQ-35 High Voltage harmonic elimination | The supply LXQ3 voltage transformer neutral point with harmonic elimination | The supply LXQ-10D weak insulation harmonic elimination | The supply LXQ-10 general-purpose harmonic elimination device | To supply XRNP1-10/0.5A high-voltage fuses | To supply XRNT1-10/80A high-voltage fuses | Supply JCQ-C arrester line monitoring | Supply the JS-8, JSY-8, JSY-10 discharge counter | To supply RN1-10/200A high-voltage fuses | The supply RN2-10/50A high-voltage fuses, RN2-6/50A high voltage fuse | Supply RN3-10/5A indoor high-voltage fuse | Supply LXQ3-10 round once the harmonic elimination | The supply LXQ3-10D power harmonic elimination | The supply LXQ-35D time harmonic elimination device | The supply LXQ-35, LXQ-20 high-voltage harmonic elimination device | Supply FZS mine pillar insulator, puncture Lightning post insulators, composite post insulators | Supply TBP three-phase modular overvoltage protection, combined over-voltage protection | Supply HRW series of drop-out fuse, drop-out fuse | The supply of polymer housed metal zinc oxide arrester | The supply LXQ the First harmonic elimination device, LXQ-10, a harmonic elimination | Supply IM overvoltage online monitor monitor | Line monitoring of supply JCQ-C5 arrester, arrester monitor | The supply RN1-10/0.5A high-voltage current-limiting fuses | Supply arrester from the type of thermal explosion from the | Supply JCQ-C arrester running online monitor | Supply JCQ-C5 arrester line monitoring | Supply FCWG-35/400A composite insulation dry type wall bushing | Supply of the JS-3 passive liquid movement counter | Supply of 35KV zinc oxide surge arresters YH5WZ-51/134 | To supply YH1.5W-0.5/2.6 low-voltage surge arrester |