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Supply HY5WS2-17/50 zinc oxide arrester

Spot the hot HY5WS2-17/50 zinc oxide surge arresters, HY5WS2-17/50 zinc oxide arrester characteristics

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HY5WS2-17/50 oxide zinc arrester

Yueqing Deng Rui Electric Co., various specifications of the [HY5WS2-17/50 oxide zinc arrester] products, providing professional [HY5WS2-17/50 oxide zinc arrester] prices, models, pictures, factory direct supplier prices have obvious advantages, find [HY5WS2-17/50 oxide zinc arrester] manufacturers, we chose Dengrui electrical, please contact us!

The basic principles of HY5WS2-17/50 zinc oxide surge arresters
Zinc oxide arrester is the international ideal overvoltage protection, which uses zinc oxide resistor main components, compared with traditional silicon carbide arrester, has greatly improved the volt-ampere characteristic of the varistor to improve the flow capacity can be made no gap arrester. Therefore brought a fundamental change in the electrical structure characteristics.
HY5WS2-17/50 zinc oxide surge arresters in the normal operating voltage, the flow through the lightning current is only a microamp, when subjected to the voltage, the arrester excellent non-linear characteristics played a role, the arrester current flow through the thousands of amps, surge arresters in a conduction state, the release of over-voltage energy, thus preventing the infringement of the over-voltage transmission and distribution equipment.

HY5WS2-17/50 zinc oxide arrester characteristics
The lightning effect of 1.HY5WS-17/50 zinc oxide arrester with grounding independent of whether the ground has nothing to do, HY5WS2-17/50 zinc oxide surge arresters due to a "potential" treatment technology, zinc oxide arrester lightning effects and equipment, eliminating the need Install traditional arrester must be grounded trouble. Therefore easy to install, easy to use.
(2) to extend the life of the high electrical devices, grounded electrical appliances did not suffer lightning damage, but long-term impact of the lightning pulse electrical, resulting in various components of the electrical properties will be subject to certain destruction, TV, computers and other equipment service life. After installation, potential obo mine, dedicated, foolproof protection of electrical equipment.
3.HY5WS2-17/50 zinc oxide arrester body is small, but protective equipment capable appliances are damaged by a huge lightning current role of equipment or components fever. Heat energy and resistance, current, and the role of time is proportional to. Lightning strike current, while significant, but rarely the role of lightning internal resistance time (8 to 20 microseconds), the heat rarely, so it can protect the equipment itself will not be damaged. Moreover, the high-voltage surge arrester because it is a current-mode, it can withstand the high voltage of lightning, do not exceed the current maximum exposure in the high-voltage surge arresters, lightning voltage tens of thousands of volts or more are not afraid.

HY5WS2-17/50 zinc oxide arrester installed
Correct choice installation HY5WS-17/50 zinc oxide arrester installation use and maintenance should pay attention
(1) prior to installation should proofread nameplate rated voltage of the system of zinc oxide surge arresters should be in line with the mount point of the system voltage;
(2) zinc oxide arrester fixed on the bracket, on terminals and high-voltage coupling the next terminal to be reliable grounding;
(3) can not be zinc oxide surge arresters as load-bearing supporting insulator should be as close as possible to the protected equipment installation, in order to reduce the impact of the distance of the protective effect;
(4) terminal zinc oxide surge arresters should be installed after the drop-out fuse, in order to facilitate the breaking of its protective effect, the transformer low voltage side of the low-voltage surge arresters should be installed to prevent the pros and cons of the transformation caused by the over-voltage damage to the transformer;
(5) the use of zinc oxide surge arresters should pay attention to the place of use of ambient temperature, zinc oxide arrester is not suitable for installation in vibration or serious foul and a place of serious corrosive gases;
(6) zinc oxide arrester operation before and at least two years of each run should do the preventive test;
(7), zinc oxide arrester brass double-layer bottom cover sealed and put into operation, every five years should be carried out preventive tests, measurement of leakage current, should be imposed on both sides of the arrester 10kV DC voltage (AC ripple less than ± 1.5%), leakage current meets its products specified value;
(8) The zinc oxide arrester grounding grounding procedures should meet the requirements.

These are HY5WS2-17/50 oxide zinc arrester details, if you HY5WS2-17/50 oxide zinc arrester of the price, make, model, parameters, pictures have any questions, please contact us for HY5WS2-17/50 oxide zinc arrester the latest information
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