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To supply YH1.5W-0.5/2.6 low-voltage surge arrester

Supply YH1.5W-0.5/2.6 low-voltage surge arresters, YH1.5W-0.5/2.6 low-voltage surge arresters offer

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YH1.5W-0.5/2.6 low-voltage surge arrester

Yueqing Deng Rui Electric Co., Ltd.supply various specifications of the [YH1.5W-0.5/2.6 low-voltage surge arrester] products, providing professional [YH1.5W-0.5/2.6 low-voltage surge arrester] prices, models, pictures, factory direct supplier prices have obvious advantages, find [YH1.5W-0.5/2.6 low-voltage surge arrester] manufacturers, we chose Dengrui electrical, please contact us!

YH1.5W-0.5/2.6 low voltage arrester use
YH1.5W-0.5/2.6 low-voltage surge arresters for the protection of the corresponding voltage level of distribution equipment from the atmosphere and over-voltage damage, the current limit voltage is the most advanced form of protection appliances, has been widely used for power generation, transmission and substation, distribution system, the insulation to protect electrical equipment from overvoltage damage. Organic coat metal oxide surge arresters organic insulating material and traditional porcelain sets of metal zinc oxide surge arresters combine the advantages of scientific research, which not only has the advantages of porcelain sets of metal oxide surge arresters, also has good electrical insulation properties, dielectric high strength, anti-leakage marks, anti-corrosion, heat, cold resistance, aging proof, water repellency, and good sealing performance advantages.

YH1.5W-0.5/2.6 low-voltage surge arrester application of environmental
a) for indoor and outside;
b) The ambient temperature of -40 ° C ~ +40 ° C;
c) The altitude does not exceed 3000m (Type of Porcelain does not exceed 1000m);
d) power frequency less than 48Hz, no more than 62 Hz;
e) Long-term applied to the arrester terminals, power frequency voltage does not exceed the continuous operating voltage of the arrester;
f) the seismic intensity of 8 degrees and the following areas;
g) the maximum wind speed does not exceed 35m / s.

YH1.5W-0.5/2.6 low voltage arrester product model according to JB / T 8459-1996 "arrester model preparation method", the product model of metal oxide surge arresters are described below: HY1.5W-0.8/3.9 low voltage surge arresters type of product: the H-that the composite coat Y-porcelain sets of metal oxide surge arresters YH (HY) - said that the structural features of organic coat metal oxide surge arresters: W-seamless 1.5-nominal current 0.5-representation of the arrester rated voltage 2.6-lightning impulse current residual pressure

Selection the user can choose different models based on the protected object choice of anti-pollution type and plateau type arrester, the use of different places. I can plant to meet market demand according to user requirements to design non-standard products.
Information source: http://www.js-8.com/

These are YH1.5W-0.5/2.6 low-voltage surge arrester details, if you YH1.5W-0.5/2.6 low-voltage surge arrester of the price, make, model, parameters, pictures have any questions, please contact us for YH1.5W-0.5/2.6 low-voltage surge arrester the latest information
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