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The arrester run monitor
1 Purpose and classification
Arrester monitor (hereinafter referred to as the monitor) is connected in series in the arrester low-voltage side, used to monitor the arrester leakage current changes and action times, and reported to a device. Applies to the operation and monitoring of the power system a variety of voltage levels of zinc oxide surge arresters, the silicon carbide arrester. Arrester line monitoring with discharge counter
Monitor Category:
According to their use of objects can be divided into: two porcelain shell or polymer housed surge arresters and GIS tank arrester.
According to their supporting arrester system nominal voltage can be divided into: 35kV, 110kV, 220kV, 330kV, 500kV, 750kV, 1000kV.
2 Model Description 
JCQ              /  
                         |                 |            |         |
                         |                 |            |         |----------   Additional features B, said that with the alarm function 
                         |                 |            |------------------  square-wave impulse current tolerance (A) 
                         |                 |----------------------------  nominal discharge current (kA,) 
                         |-----------------------------------------  shell material characteristics. The following meanings: 
                                                                                           1 - ordinary steel
                                                                                           Standard, compared with stainless steel shell 
3 Conditions of Use
JCQ, JCQ1 series arrester operation and monitoring, the environmental conditions of its place of use of the arrester connected, the altitude of not more than 3000m; ambient temperature of -40 ° C to +40 ° C; the rest should be in accordance with the applicable standards of the arrester; it does not apply areas with heavy pollution and excessive vibration, any special requirements, may submit a joint consultation.
4 product structure and process characteristics
Monitor by the nonlinear resistance, electromagnetic counter, milliammeter, and electronic components; the same time, the monitor spinning seamless steel pipe or stainless steel cylindrical shell structure, all encapsulated in the inside, shell play the electric shielding and grounding effect; high pressure outlet side, composite or porcelain insulators, leads from the floor, the action number and the arrester leakage current can be observed through the front glass window.
4.1 Features
(1) measurement error is small, the action of high sensitivity, accurate and reliable;
鈶 flow capacity, showing a clear and obvious;
鈶 applicable to a wide range of voltage levels;
鈶 reliable sealing, excellent anti-corrosion ability;
鈶 have strong anti-environmental interference capability;
鈶 install and easy to use and features.
5 reference standard
GB 11 302 "exchange of gapless metal oxide surge arresters
JB / T 10 492 "exchange gap metal oxide surge arresters with monitor
6 Ordering Information
When ordering, please indicate the following The 
鈶 product type (product code)
鈶 products matching arrester (porcelain shell, composite coat or GIS arrester)
鈶 If you have special requirements may be set by the technical agreement ordering.

Collected from the discharge counter, reproduced, please indicate
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