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Zinc oxide arrester protection performance analysis

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Avoid the protective effect of zinc oxide surge arresters fundamentally a ground fault or phase short circuit fault
The zinc oxide arrester lightning protection devices have a lightning protection of electrical installations, security role, but the protective effect of some devices will impact the safe operation of the power system. Protection gap and tube arrester breakdown in the gap. Protection circuit no current limiting components. Protection action must be caused by a ground fault or phase-to-phase short-circuit fault, the protective effect increases the failure rate of the power system affect the power system to normal, safe operation norms and standards provisions of the Protection of the gap should be in conjunction with automatic reclosing devices to reduce line blackout. This is the kind of remedial measures. Non-fundamental strategy. Automatic reclosing devices Hill on demand conditions. Expensive. Only have the conditions for large and medium-sized substation with most small and medium-sized transformer substation conditions are not using most of them should be understood as "or not installed". Others only care about the protection of the gap structure is simple, inexpensive. However, if coupled with the total cost of the automatic reclosing device than your advanced lightning protection electrical tube arrester jet interrupter role. instantaneous elimination of the ground fault or phase-to-phase short-circuit fault but increased with the number of its action, drop interrupter capacity. there are the hidden dangers of the ground fault or phase-to-phase short-circuit fault. should recognize the fundamental strategy is to use the MOA, and fundamental to avoid the protective effect of earth fault or phase short circuit fault, and small with automatic reclosing devices can reduce the line of lightning damage to power outages.

Zinc oxide arrester with continuous Gimli 4 impact the ability to protect and sometimes high-voltage electrical installations may be subject to a continuous lightning impulse. Continuous lightning impulse twice a lightning invasion wave interval of hundreds of us to thousands of us. A very short time interval. Action of silicon carbide arrester protection both discharge lightning current discharge power frequency freewheeling cut off the freewheeling consumption up 10000us.J protection cycle time much larger than that to recover 10000us again motor ability. Therefore, the silicon carbide arrester continuous lightning impulse protection. Zinc oxide arrester protective action only discharge the lightning current. Lightning current discharge (less than 100Us) is completed. Immediately restored to the ability of the re-action. Zinc oxide arrester is a continuous lightning impulse protection capability for multi-mined areas or lightning activity special strong lightning protection is particularly important.

Zinc oxide arrester with saving power frequency energy
Lightning protection devices discharge the lightning current limit (down) voltage protection role, but some devices at the same time discharge frequency current waste of energy. Protection gap or tube arrester protective action may be accompanied by short-circuit current (a few kA to several tens of kA) discharge to ground. Silicon carbide arrester protective action. Along with the working frequency freewheeling (the arrester FS type 50A, the FZ-80A The FCD type 250A) on the discharge. These are power frequency energy waste. But people turn a blind eye to this phenomenon for a long time, become accustomed to. that the waste sub-protection action. not worth making a fuss. Should recognize that the trickle-down water. Merged into the rivers, "the truth of this waste of energy. Such as the product of the country number. Number of the product for many years. Ye petit see. The use of zinc oxide arrester is called completely avoid the work of a protective effect frequency energy and waste.   

Zinc oxide surge arresters can avoid the drawbacks due to the low inflection point voltage
 Silicon carbide arrester because of the gap structure (gap distance. Number) to bring some shortcomings: if there is no steep wave lightning protection function; no continuous lightning impulse protection capability; action poor characteristics of stability called subjected to transient voltage hazards; action load heavy short life. Gapless zinc oxide surge arresters because of the lower inflection point voltage and transient overvoltage withstand poor. Damage to the explosive rate and short life expectancy disadvantage. Series gap gap structure of zinc oxide surge arresters with silicon carbide arrester its gap number less when the voltage reaches the impulse discharge voltage when the gap without delay breakdown characteristics of stable gap away from the action so it can avoid the silicon carbide arrester gap to bring all the shortcomings. The gap of zinc oxide surge arresters have all the series gap transient over-voltage limited to dead zone in the protection from harm. Therefore, it can avoid all the shortcomings of the gap of zinc oxide surge arresters due to the inflection point voltage is low. Series gap of zinc oxide surge arresters are still the first two arrester protection performance advantages while avoiding their drawbacks.

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