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TLB thermal explosion type disconnector, new disconnector

Product ID锛欴R-TLQ-001    Released in锛2020-9-5    Click锛2120    Brand锛Deng Rui Electric   銆See product catalog

TLB thermal explosion type disconnector, new disconnectorDetails锛

Electric Co., Ltd. Yueqing Dengrui factory direct銆怲LB thermal explosion type disconnector銆,And provide a variety of銆怲LB thermal explosion type disconnector銆慖mages, parameters, description and other detailed product information,Dengrui銆怲LB thermal explosion type disconnector銆慔igh quality, excellent price, special requirements can be customized consultation.

  Product Overview                                                                                                                                                                   The TLB thermal explosion of style from the new from the Dimensions
Arrester disconnector as a special attachment, used in tandem with the surge arrester, its purpose is abnormal when the arrester failure, the use of so-frequency short-circuit current from the device action, so that automatically disengaged from the device ground, lightning out of operation, to prevent the further expansion of the accident , and a fault visibility from the arrester to identify, easy to maintenance personnel to detect failure point for maintenance and replacement. In the arrester in good working condition, is not out of action and resistance was low (compared with arrester), does not affect the system's original working condition and lightning protection features to ensure uninterrupted power supply, the lightning really "free" use requirements. In other countries, such as Europe, America, Japan, Southeast Asia and other countries and regions, running in the grid-based power distribution, power line surge arrester type and are generally supporting the use of the disconnector. Domestic power plants, railways, civil aviation, communications and other important places of power, has also been gradually promote the use of out of control.
    From the device by using the principles and performance is divided into hot-melt type and heat from the device type from the blasting device. Type device using hot-melt flow from the failure of the arrester in the short-circuit current, the device of the alloy from the melt film (or solder) from the fuse to achieve the purpose. However, this type of operation in the test and are not fully meet the requirements, now is not internationally recognized. Explosive-type devices use heat from the failure of the arrester in the short-circuit current generated in the arc from the device, thermal explosion blew out the components to achieve the purpose of

The latest from the device TLB
China's power grid (35kV and below are mostly neutral non-effectively grounded system) and the foreign network (effectively grounding the neutral point) is different from many small fault current arrester current, given the characteristics of thermal explosion of style and learn from the foreign device merits, we developed a new type from the device TLB, which features fast action, and can withstand the impact of the provisions of current load and capacity of action, the indicators are to meet GB11032-2000 "metal oxide surge arresters without gaps for AC" and IEC.C62 "with electrical arrester disconnector requirements "provisions.

outstanding advantages
A, wide operating current range with its own characteristics of China's power grid, either in large frequency fault current (> 50A) from the next, but also in small fault current (50mA) under the detachment.
B, from the speed with circuit breaker reclosing feature match, not only for various voltage levels and types of surge arresters, also applies to different grounding systems (grounded and ungrounded neutral system).
C, impact resistance and strong in the 2ms square spread 4/10μs no action under the impact of high current.
D, unexploded off before the high mechanical strength, good sealing performance. TLB-type device with 35KV from supporting the use of these arresters.
E, is easy to install and replace the screw-type external interface, and lightning tandem reliable and convenient, but the action from the device a very easy to replace.

Typical device parameters from the second table
Current (A)
Action time (S)

→ thermal explosion type from the installation diagram
The the TLB hot blast from the new out of the installation diagram

: 1. From the conventional device installation pictured above, special conditions can also be used according to the actual situation of the other installation methods.
       2. If the arrester support from the device, in the standard model plus "L" the letter said. For example: HY5WS-17/50-L, said on the HY5WS-17/50 arrester fitted disconnector.

These areTLB thermal explosion type disconnectorFor more information, if youTLB thermal explosion type disconnectorPrice, make, model, pictures, parameters have any questions, please contact usTLB thermal explosion type disconnectorThe latest information.


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