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ZW32 vacuum switch cover (without isolation)

Product ID锛欴R-JYHT-011    Released in锛2020-5-20    Click锛50    Brand锛Deng Rui Electric   銆See product catalog

ZW32 vacuum switch cover (without isolation)Details锛

Electric Co., Ltd. Yueqing Dengrui factory direct銆怹W32 vacuum switch cover (without isolation)銆,And provide a variety of銆怹W32 vacuum switch cover (without isolation)銆慖mages, parameters, description and other detailed product information,Dengrui銆怹W32 vacuum switch cover (without isolation)銆慔igh quality, excellent price, special requirements can be customized consultation.

A new generation of ZW32 vacuum switch hood is after Deng Rui electric company R & D to improve out of strong toughness insulated power sheath and is used in the production of high quality silicon rubber, fine workmanship, durable, anti-aging and strong.

According to the demand of the market and many customers feedback, boarded Rui electric company and continue on the drop type fuse cover most of the conventional electrical components, shield of vacuum switch, isolation switch hood, lightning arrester protective cover, transformer cover, since the products listed by the majority of customers praise and trust, Deng Rui electric also continue to absorb the customer comments and suggestions, products are more and more with the practical, beautiful, to further improve the cost-effective, to further enhance product market competitiveness, Deng Rui electric continuous improvement process, to reduce the cost of the product, for the customer, mutual reciprocity and mutual benefit, Deng Rui Electric is willing to wholeheartedly provide the high quality products and services for customers.

ZW32 vacuum switch cover wholesale cheap
ZW32 vacuum switch cover sell
Material: high quality silicone rubber
Properties: non-toxic without odor
Product Name: ZW32 vacuum switch cover
Applicable models: ZW32 vacuum switch without isolation
Purpose: safety protection
Logistics: logistics agent
Payment methods: a variety of
Product Name: ZW32 vacuum circuit breaker.
Application: ZW32 vacuum switch without insulation connection end of the insulation safety protection.
ZW32 vacuum switch cover (without isolation) application of physical map
Function: it can effectively prevent the original bare in electrical equipment wiring terminal, due to various reasons (human touch, stealing, small animals or debris take contact, condensation flashover, sewage flash, salt fog, acid rain and chemical corrosion, etc.) damage to electrical equipment power outages and electric shock casualty accidents, so as to avoid resulting in huge economic loss, is the promotion and application of national power company power insulation safety protection products.

Product performance: vacuum ZW32 switch hood (with no isolation) using high-temperature synthetic silicon rubber vulcanization and, never variant, high flexibility, product life of up to 50 years. Has good insulation properties, insulation strength more than 20KV/mm, more than 1000 ohms insulation resistance, flame retardant LOI>35%.

Applicability: ZW32 vacuum switch cover (without isolation) of reasonable design, convenient installation. The fastening structure is convenient for disassembly and assembly during maintenance and repair.

The product can be used in high temperature, in the range of -60 to 380 DEG C. UV resistant, excellent hydrophobicity, resistant to aging, to meet the outdoor long-term operation.

According to the customer needs to choose different sizes of power jacket, shape size and color, according to the user needs to order processing, please confirm the detailed requirements before ordering

Deng Rui electric provides accurate, rich vacuum ZW32 switch hood (with no isolation) the relevant product information, including vacuum ZW32 switch cover price, vacuum ZW32 switch cover (with no isolation) wholesale, ZW32 vacuum switch cover price; covers the ZW32 vacuum switch cover image, brand models, specifications, where the area. Check the precision vacuum switch ZW32 shield, wholesale price, manufacturers and other relevant information as to the Swiss electrical business. Other board Swiss electrical recruitment vacuum ZW32 switch hood agents, joined the recruitment ZW32 vacuum switch cover agent, if you want to know ZW32 vacuum switch cover price, want to understand the ZW32 vacuum switch cover price quotes, please call Deng Rui electric for enquiry!

These areZW32 vacuum switch cover (without isolation)For more information, if youZW32 vacuum switch cover (without isolation)Price, make, model, pictures, parameters have any questions, please contact usZW32 vacuum switch cover (without isolation)The latest information.

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